LPZ Property was founded in 2018 by brothers Ben and Rob Lopez

We both had successful careers in the Corporate world working for large multi-national companies both in the UK and overseas. However, it was time for a change which is why we decided to create a property business. We then co-founded LPZ Property in order to create long-term wealth for ourselves and leave a long-lasting legacy for our families as well as helping others achieve the same.  

Key Goals

  • Work for ourselves and our clients
  • Increase wealth of our clients
  • Build long-lasting relationships 
  • Take on new challenges
  • Create long-lasting legacies we are proud of

We want to change peoples lives and we know how with proven techniques using property

Rob Lopez


Ben Lopez

Founder and managing Partner

Our Story

We purchase property below market value and we add value through refurbishment, extension and planning changes.

We have property portfolio's in England: the West Midlands and Kent.  We have a mixture of strategies and property types that enables us to be diverse in the Property sector.  Therefore if there are any issues in the market we have diversity built into this and we should not be affected.

We do this by having a professional team of people that enable us to find the properties that match our criteria and by having the skills to add value to the property.

LPZ Property is a value based driven company


Being honest and having strong moral principles is how we conduct our business and build long lasting relationships. 


 Legacy is something that a person leaves behind to be remembered by.  We help you  to create a legacy.


Seeking True Wealth as well as financial to us means seeking deeper relationships, increasing our personal growth, or ways to create more meaning in life.

We would like to hear from you about what matters to you and if we can help